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katalox 6 string bass fingerboard

katalox 6 string bass fingerboard
 katalox 6 string bass fingerboardkatalox 6 string bass fingerboard 
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Katalox 6 string bass fingerboard.

Swartzia cubensis from Central America


Photo is of a typical piece.

This super dense and strong wood has found favour with Guitar makers for fingerboards and when large enough pieces are available, also for tops and for back and sides sets.

The grading system as detailed below evolved in the tonewood department of Timberline many years ago as an attempt to clearly define quality aspects of guitar back and sides sets. I hope that it will be easily understood and that you will excuse me for using a system unique to this company.

AAA Quarter sawn wood or nearly so.

AA Wood that is quartered to one edge, (where the centre joint of the back will be ), gradually straying from the quarter ending up slab sawn at the opposite edge.

A Wood that is slab sawn, the main slab sawn area being approximately half way across the board.

* - One or more asterisks may be added to the grade mark to indicate wood that is aesthetically more pleasing or desirable by virtue of colour, intensity of figure or fineness of grain.

Standard guitar 530 x 70 x 9mm
Standard bass guitar 710 x 70 x 9mm
7 string guitar 530 x 75 x 9mm
8 string guitar 530 x 85 x 9mm
5 string bass guitar 710 x 80 x 9mm
6 string bass guitar 710 x 90 x 9mm

Richlite fingerboards are all 8mm thickness with a smooth finish.

Fingerboards are sometimes supplied tapered along their length but will be sufficient in size for the instrument they are intended for. A standard guitar fingerboard may for example be 60mm wide at the nut end and 70mm wide at the soundhole end. Taper cutting is especially common with Indian rosewood and Indian ebony because it is part of the export regulations for these products.

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