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Veritas DX 60 block plane

Veritas  DX 60 block plane
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Veritas DX 60 Block plane with PM-VII blade

Body is made of ductile cast iron, fully stressed relieved. All knobs and adjusters are made from stainless steel. Accurately machined and surface ground, sole is flat, sides square to the sole, bed flat and square to the sides. Adjustable mouth with re-set stop.180mm(7") long by 44mm(1.3/4") wide with 12° bed angle.

There are three steel types available for veritas planes. For most of the planes we offer for sale we have opted for the new PM-VII type because we believe it suits the needs of most of our customers. The following describes the virtues of each type of steel.

01 steel is easy to hone and a very fine edge achieved relatively quickly.

A2 steel takes a little longer to sharpen but retains its edge for longer.

PM-V11 alloy steel is easier to sharpen than A2 and hold an extremely durable cutting edge for up to twice as long.

Veritas range offer some of the most accurately made planes available today. This combined with some interesting and unique aspects to the design make them an ideal choice for the serious craftsman in wood.

Plane bodies are made from stress relieved ductile cast iron surface ground to very fine tolerances. Where possible we supply planes fitted with the new PM-VII blades as standard for extended edge holding on all types of wood.

Most planes have adjustable mouths and blade adjustment is via a single screw/lever ‘Norris’ style mechanism that adjusts the blade up/down and laterally. Grub screws from the side ensure correct blade alignment.