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Satinwood guitar back and sides CAA no 2

Satinwood guitar back and sides CAA no 2
 Satinwood guitar back and sides CAA no 2Satinwood guitar back and sides CAA no 2 
Our Price:  £85.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£102.00 Inc. VAT)



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Sri Lanka satinwood guitar back and sides set Classic size grade CAA

Cloroxylon swietenia from Sri Lanka


Photo is of Sri Lanka Satinwood set number 2.

Satinwood is a beautiful golden yellow colour with a fiery lustre that leaps out when polished. Satinwood has been used by some good makers as an alternative tonewood and gives good results.

Full classic size.

Back is slab cut grade A, sides are quarter cut grade AAA. Overall grade AA.

AAA Quarter sawn wood or nearly so.

AA Wood that is quartered to one edge, (where the centre joint of the back will be ), gradually straying from the quarter ending up slab sawn at the opposite edge.

A Wood that is slab sawn, the main slab sawn area being approximately half way across the board.

* - One or more asterisks may be added to the grade mark to indicate wood that is aesthetically more pleasing or desirable by virtue of colour, intensity of figure or fineness of grain.

Back and sides sets are pre matched for colour and character.

Back and sides sets frequently are different grades for the back and the sides e.g. AAA sides and AA back. The valuation of these sets assumes the back and the sides each represent 50% of the value of a set and are then added together.

Western size backs 2pc 560mm x 205mm and up x 4mm
sides 2pc 830mm x 120mm and up x 3.5mm

Classic size backs 2pc 530mm x 190mm and up x 4mm
sides 2pc 780mm x 100mm and up x 3.5mm